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Guest Author Traci Pederson has spent over 10 years in various IT positions. She is now working from home and shares her suggestions and tips for tracking your job search progress.
Are you someone who has been working the Internet and other areas for telecommuting work or home-based businesses? Confused, yet not sure what you have done or where you are going with it. I have been there and still am sometimes. I have worked out some tips and suggestions that can help you navigate these waters.
I have found that one of the most useful things I started doing was to keep track of everything I am doing. I use a simple spreadsheet, like Excel. And I do mean everything. I have one file where I enter all the information from any job sites that I join. Information such as the username and password I created, what type of job site is it ­ freelance or regular or specialty. The date that I joined and whether I posted a resume to the site or filled out their own skill assessment list goes in the file too. After about the fourth or fifth one joined anyone can be forgetful!
In another file I……Read the rest of this post at the link below. 
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